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Unearthing Business Opportunities in AI Goods | AI-Powered Fans

The integration of artificial intelligence has led to an influx of everyday items now equipped with AI capabilities. In this series of articles, we will showcase existing AI products on the market that may inspire the development of new AI gadgets. Today’s focus: the AI-powered fan!

What would you envision if your home fan had superpowers?

More intelligence! Beyond manual temperature adjustment, imagine voice control or even gesture control.

More energy efficiency! The fan could automatically shut off when unoccupied, preventing both forgetfulness and conserving energy.

cosy ai fans

1. AI Fan: Intelligent

AI fans primarily activate through voice activation or motion sensors, responding to verbal commands or interpreting gestures to control fan speed.

Taking into account the irregular nature of outdoor wind speeds, smart floor fans like the Smartmi have adopted DC brushless motors with infinite speed adjustment capabilities.

AI Fan Intelligent

2. AI Fan: Energy-Saving

When the human infrared sensor detects no movement within a certain range for a set duration, it automatically concludes that the person has left and turns off the fan. No more worries about leaving the power on when heading out!

3. Additional Features (Inherent Fan Functions)

  1. Collecting real-world natural wind data for algorithmic simulation, enjoy a ‘forest breeze’ indoors, cool and comfortable without causing headaches from prolonged use.
  2. Infinitely adjustable fan speed from 1-100 levels, customize your perfect breeze.
  3. Automatically adjust fan speed based on ambient temperature, ensuring comfort at all times.
  4. Operate for up to 20 hours without electricity, making it usable in every corner of your home.
  5. Release negative ions to reduce static electricity, bacteria, and dust; designed with multiple noise reduction features for ultra-quiet operation.
ai fans blowing like natural breeze

The AI fan is not just a gadget; it’s a smart addition to your home that elevates convenience, comfort, and sustainability. As AI technology continues to evolve, the potential for innovative AI home appliances is boundless, offering both consumers and businesses a world of opportunities.




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