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AI Ring Introduction

Thinkkeen AI Ring – a titanium alloy wearable that fuses AI with health tracking to provide continuous heart rate, sleep, and stress monitoring. Experience the future of personal wellness, simplified and elegantly designed for everyday insights.

Key Features

AI-Powered Heart Monitoring

Real-time heart rate tracking for a pulse on your well-being.

AI Oxygen Level Guardian

The AI Ring ensures you're breathing easy with overnight blood oxygen monitoring.

AI Sleep Stage Detection

Unlock the secrets of your rest with the AI Ring's detailed sleep stage analytics.

AI Skin Temperature Tracking

AI-driven analysis of skin temperature for deeper sleep and health insights.

AI Stress Assessment

Stay ahead of stress with the AI Ring's heart rate variability and stress monitoring features.

AI-Enhanced Daily Tracking

Let the AI Ring count every step and calorie, elevating your daily activity tracking to new heights.

Elevate Your Health Game with the Thinkkeen AI Ring

Lead the Market with Cutting-Edge AI - Partner with Thinkkeen for Profitable Health Innovations.

What You Can Get

Wholesale Benefits: Unlocking Value for Your Business

Higher Profit Margins

Benefit from reduced per-unit costs on bulk purchases, translating to higher profit margins on each AI Mouse sold.

Custom Pricing Models

Negotiate custom pricing models based on order volume, giving you more control over your profit margins.

Exclusive Territories

Secure exclusive distribution rights in your region, ensuring a monopoly on sales and protecting your revenue stream.

Effortless Ordering: Your Guide to AI Ring Distribution

For our distributors, we’ve identified the key aspects of ordering information that matter the most to you:

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Volume Discounts: Boost Your Profits

Secure substantial discounts on bulk AI Ring orders, amplifying your profitability with every purchase.

On-Time Delivery: Keep Your Business Moving

Trust our reliable delivery for all your orders, ensuring your inventory stays stocked and your customers satisfied.

Worry-Free After Sale Support: Confidence in Every Sale

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive after-sales support, including a strong warranty and easy returns.